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Miscellaneous Holdings -- Yeats Family

The manuscript holdings concerning the Yeats family are composed primarily of letters from William Butler, Lily, Elizabeth Corbet, John Butler, and Jack Butler Yeats concerning personal and public matters. Many of the over forty letters from William Butler Yeats are not dated; other dates range from 1894 to 1937. Subjects covered include business matters concerning various plays and books or attending to social obligations. One 1918 letter from Jack Butler Yeats to a Mr. Allhusen lists some of his paintings and their prices. Selected letters, 1938-39, of the Yeats family to Vernon Watkins include three letters from William Butler Yeats, March 19, June 2, and Oct. 23, 1938, and miscellaneous material relating to the Cuala Press. Also included are three photographs of W. B. Yeats.