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The Richard Wallace Collection of James Joyce

The Richard Wallace collection includes both correspondence, covering the years 1921-1925, and manuscripts (1921-1929). Six letters and two cards from Joyce to Richard Wallace, only two of which are published, make up the correspondence. Wallace, an American book illustrator and advertising businessman, and his wife met the Joyces in Paris in the early 1920s, and the two couples became close. In the correspondence, Joyce discusses what he is working on, sending Wallace copies (not present here) of chapters of Ulysses he has finished. Joyce also mentions that he has completed the "Shem and Shaun" and "Anna Livia Plurabelle" sections of Work in Progress. The manuscripts, largely humorous in nature, consist of three quatrains and an eight-line song, all unpublished. One of the quatrains responds to critics of Joyce's style and is signed "Shem the Penman." The manuscripts are all written in Joyce's hand and signed by the author.