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Miscellaneous Holdings of James Joyce

The other holdings concerning James Joyce include seven letters from Joyce to various people, including Ivan Goll, Kay Boyle, and W. K. Magee, covering the years 1922-1936. These letters deal mainly with literary matters. In addition to the letters from Joyce, the library houses a copy of a 1927 poem by Joyce about the artist Patrick Tuohy, entitled "P. J. T.," galley proofs of part of "Anna Livia Plurabelle," intended for the London Calendar, and a line drawing of Joyce by Gregory Orloff.

Correspondence and manuscripts about Joyce and his works comprise the largest part of the miscellaneous material on Joyce. There are thirty-six letters and five manuscripts, a majority of which discuss or consist of critical writings on Joyce's works. The correspondence contains a series of five letters on Ulysses, including a letter from Sylvia Beach to the Sunwise Turn bookshop discussing problems distributing the book, as well as letters on binding and sales. Another series of sixteen letters (1929-1933), from Beach to C. K. Ogden, concerns the latter's preface to the Black Sun edition of "Tales Told of Shem and Shaun," and James Joyce recordings of his "Anna Livia Plurabelle." There are also eight letters between Richard Aldington and the author of James Joyce's World, Patricia Hutchins, covering the years 1953-1959, discussing Aldington's knowledge of Joyce as well as other literary matters. Also of interest is a prayer written by Joyce's grand aunt, Alicia O'Connell, which is with a letter from Sister Mary O'Connell to Richard Ellmann, and page proofs of Patricia Hutchins's James Joyce's World, annotated by Stanislaus Joyce.

The holdings also include a broadside of the 1927 protest, by many international authors, of Samuel Roth's unauthorized publication of Ulysses, as well as a typed manuscript of Irish comedian Dan Bryant's song "Finnigan's Wake," and an audio cassette recording of the BBC production "James Joyce's Chamber Music Poems," with music by Geoffrey Molyneux Palmer.