The Guiseppe Bertelli Collection of Joyce Correspondence 1939|English

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The Guiseppe Bertelli Collection of Joyce Correspondence 1939

The correspondence in the Bertelli Collection, which includes three postcards, two letters, and a telegram from Joyce, as well as one letter from Richard Ofner to Joyce, is unpublished.

Nearly all the correspondence in the collection concerns Joyce's efforts to help Ofner, a Czechoslovakian Jew, get an American visa for his son Richard. Joyce had helped others flee Europe, and had received some financial assistance through an acquaintance of the boy's mother, Charlotte Sauermann, a soprano Joyce knew in Zurich, so he was eager to help Ofner. Joyce contacted Dr. Guiseppe Bertelli, a former student who had assisted other European refugees, asking him to try to do what he could to help obtain the visa for Ofner. The correspondence does not indicate whether or not these efforts were successful.