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The Humanities Division and Special Collections at the Morris Library of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale have worked together to develop our holdings in Irish literature. While Special Collections has more manuscripts and scarce editions than the general collection, the stacks have a broad selection of secondary material, especially on the early twentieth century. Our holdings include nearly 1,000 secondary works on James Joyce alone, as well as nearly 500 separate books by him. Forty editions by Mary Lavin are on the shelves and over 400 by W. B. Yeats. Other Irish authors are well represented by the library's general collection, including Samuel Beckett, George Russell, Lady Augusta Gregory, Lennox Robinson, Lord Dunsany, Liam O'Flaherty, George Moore, Brian O'Nolan, William Trevor, Padraic Colum, Sean O'Casey, and Austin Clarke.

In addition to these specialized areas, the basic holdings in Irish literature are representative of a fine research library. There are over 100 books of travel and descriptive writing about Ireland as well as over 2,000 works on Irish history, society, and politics. Over 200 books discussing the economic and historical conditions of Northern Ireland alone are included in the collection. Morris Library also subscribes to a number of Irish and Irish-American journals including Irish Historical Studies and Eire-Ireland as well as less well known publications such as The Honest Ulsterman.