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Irish Studies

The Irish Studies area at SIU Carbondale focuses on Irish literature, originally written in Irish or English, from the Medieval period through the 21st century. Acknowledging the immense span of time, language, and culture this body of literature represents, the faculty offer upper-level special topics courses for graduate and undergraduate students that concentrate on particular periods, authors, approaches, or topics, as well as regularly scheduled survey courses. Courses including Irish fiction, poetry, and drama are also offered in the Modern British Literature, Nineteenth Century British Literature, Eighteenth Century British Literature, and Old and Middle English Literature areas.

The resources available for the study of Irish literature, culture, and Irish immigration throughout the years via SIU's Morris Library are extensive and diverse. These materials encompass both general, circulating, collections and specialized collections of rare documents and original correspondence and manuscripts from some of the greatest Irish authors and scholars. We have gathered a number of helpful online resources as well.