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Graduate Student Handbook

The English program's Graduate Student Handbook includes information on academic programs and policies, as well as program policies for assistantships and graduate student teaching.

Resources for Job Seekers

Beyond taking courses, writing a thesis or dissertation, and teaching classes, every graduate student interested in a career must consider various forms of professional development. The English program regularly offers students the opportunity to learn about the profession directly from experienced faculty. Every fall, the program offers a coordinated program for job seekers, including application document review, interview preparation and mock interviews, and alternative academic career workshops. There are reliable online sources as well:

Libraries and Research Sources

SIU Carbondale’s Morris Library contains more than 2.5 million volumes, 3 million microfilms, and over 12,000 current serial subscriptions. Library users have electronic access to a statewide catalog system and to nearly 600 electronic data files and CD-ROM products via workstations located throughout the building. The library’s special collections are extensive in areas pertinent to graduate students’ research and include papers, manuscripts, letters, and research materials in American and British expatriate literature; twentieth-century philosophy, especially John Dewey and the Open Court press; the Irish literary renaissance; and proletarian theater. The Humanities Library is particularly rich in both traditional and contemporary monographs and periodicals that support the graduate program in English.