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Thank you so much for visiting the English Department's gift page. We rely on the generous donations of alumni, friends and colleagues to enrich the education of our English students. Your gift helps us award scholarships to English majors and English graduate students, fund travel to conferences and libraries for students and faculty and supplement many other important activities throughout the academic year. Your gift not only helps us prepare students for the work world, but also to go on to professional schools such as education, law, public administration, city planning, architecture, medicine and graduate study in English. More important, though, the study of English—creative writing, rhetoric and composition, literature—enhances a lifelong love for our beautiful language in all its forms.

Thank you for thinking of us and for your generous support of our students.

Online Giving

To make a gift, please select the fund/funds you would like to support and click "Continue." You will be redirected to the Southern Illinois University Foundation's secure Online Giving site for your personal and credit card information.

$ : To be used for the general needs of the English Department.

$ : Annual scholarship to be awarded to a deserving graduate or undergraduate English major. Preference will be given to students specializing in Creative Writing.

$ : This is an annual award for graduate or undergraduate students majoring in English. In addition to financial need, the selection committee also looks for students who have demonstrated courage or effort in seeking a university degree.

$ : This scholarship will be given to deserving and needy students majoring in English.

$ : Preference shall be given to a student who is a graduate student in the Department of English at SIUC concentrating in the study of Victorian English Literature.

$ : This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in English with a concentration in the study of Victorian English Literature.

$ : Recipients shall be undergraduate students who have their major in the Department of English at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and demonstrate financial need.

$ : This award provides financial resources to help cover the costs incurred by students in pursuing research in American Literature, including travel and/or other expenses.

$ : This helps fund publication of the Crab Orchard Review.