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Additional Resources

Resources Available for Student Writers

SIU CARBONDALE Morris Library: Morris Library Home

Textbook Reserves: Textbooks can often be found under reserve at the Morris Library Circulation Desk. There are limited copies, but these resources can provide students with quick access to class material until they can purchase their own copy. Certain students who fall under an unusual and extenuating financial circumstance can contact Saluki Cares for textbook loans.

Desire2Learn: A website often used by instructors who wish to provide an extension of the classroom through an online venue. Blackboard may also be used as strictly an online course site. There are several resources that can be used on D2L such as course resources like assignment prompts and syllabi, chat functions, and grade calculators. D2L essentially provides an online forum for students to interact with their teacher and classmates. Login in to D2L to learn about additional resources available to SIU students.

Offices on campus for Non-native Speakers:

The Writing Center offers free writing tutoring to all non-native speakers. In addition, the Writing Center’s website offers a number of helpful tools and resources. For tools and resources to help you with various aspects of writing, check out ESL Resources.

Moreover, for those students interested in programs for English as a second language, you may wish to connect to the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) or call them at: 1-618-453-2265.

Services for Students with Learning Disabilities:

According to the Disability Support Services website: “DSS: Disability Support Services provides basic mandated services to students with learning disabilities, i.e. note takers, testing accommodations, and adapted textbooks (see those sections under general services above). A focused fee-for-service program for students with learning disabilities is offered through the Achieve Program, which is detailed in its own section later in this publication. See also "A Quick Guide: Differences Between the Achieve Program and Disability Support Services for Students with Learning Disabilities."

According to the Achieve website: “The Clinical Center Achieve Program is an academic support program for college students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders who are enrolled at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The Program is self-supportive and participation is voluntary and confidential.  The Program is an institutional part of the University, but separate from the University's Disability Support Services office.  We are a partial cost recovery program, and as such, charge fees for the comprehensive services we provide.” For more information, visit Achieve.

Services for veterans and other students with physical disabilities are also available through Disability Support Services.