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Michael Humphries

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Michael Humphries

Phone: 618.453.6830
Email:  mhumphri@siu.edu
Office: Faner, Room 2227

Professor Humphries received his Ph.D. in Early Christian Literature from the Claremont Graduate University (1990). He taught Jewish and Christian Origins for two years at Mount St. Mary's College and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and three years in the Department of Religious Studies at Southern Illinois University. He transferred to the Department of English at SIUC in 1993 where he is now Associate Professor of Classical and Comparative Literature. His courses include: ENGL 332: Folklore and Mythology, ENGL 445: Cultural Backgrounds of Western Literature, ENGL 495: Literary Theory, and graduate seminars on Michel Foucault and Literature. Dr. Humphries' primary field of research is Cultural Studies and Literary Theory with a focus on mythology and early Christian literature. He is a fellow of the Jesus Seminar and member of the International Q Project, whose work on the reconstruction of the early Christian Gospel designated "Q" ("Quelle"=Source) is being published in a series of several volumes by Peeters Press of the University of Leuven. His published works include articles in journals such as Forum and Arethusa, and a book entitled Christian Origins and the Language of the Kingdom of Godpublished by Southern Illinois University Press, 1999. Professor Humphries is currently engaged in a book length study on the theme of Memento Mori in texts from late antiquity and the early modern period.


Classical and Early Christian Literature, Literary Theory