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Jane Elizabeth Dougherty

Associate Professor

Jane Elizabeth Dougherty

Phone: 618-453-6843
Email:  dohugany@siu.edu
Office: Faner, Room 2262
CV (pdf)

Dr. Dougherty is a scholar of Irish women’s literature of the eighteenth-, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. She teaches courses on Irish literature and culture, cultural studies, and composition. 

Scholarly interests relating to Irish literature:

  • Gender and maturation 
  • Honor culture and modernity
  • Women’s life writing
  • Unnatural narrations
  • Post-coloniality and feminist psychoanalytic theory
  • Genre fiction and cultural studies
  • Anti-Blackness

Other scholarly interests: 

  • Octavia Butler and Black speculative fiction 
  • Anti-racist pedagogy 
  • Transnational and intersectional feminisms 
  • Textual depictions of childhood and juvenile literature 

Recent publications and work in progress: 

Recently published: 

“Edna O’Brien and the Politics of Belatedness.”  The Oxford Handbook of Irish Fiction, ed. Liam Harte.  (Oxford University Press, 2020): 289-305. 

Work in Progress: 

Carmencita and The Bus of Dreams (children’s book). 

Mick and the Night Mare (children’s book) 

“Voice, Vision, Text: Teaching Eavan Boland’s ‘The Singers.’”  Essay in progress for MLA Options for Teaching Modern Irish Poetry, eds. Guinn Batten and Anna Teekell. 

“The Honor of Modernity: Castle Rackrent and the Honor Discourses of the Irish Enlightenment.”  Under consideration at Eighteenth-Century Life. 

Joyce’s Sisters: Narratives of Irish Female Maturation, 1916-2018 (book project). Under consideration at Edinburgh University Press.