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K.K. Collins

Professor, Distinguished Teacher

K.K. Collins

Phone: 618.453.6839
email:  kkcoll@siu.edu
Office: Faner, Room 2274

Professor Collins specializes in Victorian British literature. His interests center in canonical novelists, especially the Brontës and George Eliot and her circle, but he is also interested in the representation of writers' "print afterlives" in nineteenth-century newspapers and periodicals. His two most recent books are Identifying the Remains: George Eliot's Death in the London Religious Press (ELS, 2006), and George Eliot: Interviews and Recollections (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). He is now working on the 19th-century American press coverage of George Eliot's life and death. His other publications include a bibliography of Dickens and essays on Dickens, Jane Austen, George Eliot, and G. H. Lewes in Nineteenth-Century FictionModern PhilologyModern Language Review, and other journals. He regularly teaches undergraduate courses on the Victorians, especially the novelists, and his recent graduate seminars have been on pictorial realism in Romantic and Victorian painting and literature, the treatment of reading and books in Victorian fiction, George Eliot's late novels, and the Brontës.


Nineteenth-Century English Literature