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Anne Chandler

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Anne Chandler

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Professor Chandler studies the literature, educational theory, aesthetics, and political philosophy of Restoration and eighteenth-century Britain.  Several of her scholarly articles have dealt with the various ways politically progressive writers of the 1790s (Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, and others) tried to interweave “revolutionary” ideals (American and French) with older theories of social contract in their efforts to promote gender- and class-inclusive education.   An article reevaluating the post-revolutionary feminism of Maria Edgeworth, the prominent Anglo-Irish educationist, novelist, and children’s writer, appeared in Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature in Spring 2016.  Other recent publications have focused on the poetry of the self-taught, working-class writers Mary Leapor and Thomas Holcroft.  Landscape aesthetics and Gothicism are also abiding interests, resulting for example in a Studies in the Novel article on the bestselling early-Romantic novelist Ann Radcliffe.  A book on Charlotte Smith, a multi-genre feminist writer of the same period, is nearing completion.

Past graduate seminars on Smith, Radcliffe, and Mary Shelley, as well as on the evolution of Gothic fiction more generally, have helped Dr. Chandler’s research interests in novelistic sentiment and the poetics of Sensibility to coalesce.   More recent seminars on Jonathan Swift (Fall 2014), William Blake (Spring 2015), and ecocritical theory (Fall 2016), though seemingly disparate, have all considered the conundrum of a political brand that becomes less easily classifiable the more closely it is examined: a phenomenon also relevant to Smith and other early feminists of the “long” eighteenth century (1660s-early 1800s).  Upcoming projects address stage comedy, comedic fiction, and political satire; topographical poetry and ecocriticism; and the eco-theology of the Romantic-era polemicist William Cobbett.


Eighteenth-Century British Literature