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George Boulukos

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Professor Boulukos’ primary research interests are in eighteenth-century British literature, transatlantic culture, race, sentimentality, autobiography, and the history of the novel. His most recent book is an edition of previously undiscovered Memoirs on the Life and Travels of Thomas Hammond (University of Virginia Press, 2017), the riotous, revealing and lavishly illustrated autobiography of the one-time stable boy who traveled throughout Europe supporting himself by performing horse riding tricks. Boulukos’ monograph, The Grateful Slave: The Emergence of Race in Eighteenth-Century British and American Culture, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2008 and issued in paperback in 2012. His current project, A Vindication of the Rights of Monsters: Conceiving Rights in the Anglophone Eighteenth Century challenges the view that the age of revolution saw the origin of modern human rights, with close attention to the figure of the rebel slave—who had the right to rebel but who society was obliged to kill—and works to disarticulate the scholarly consensus that sentiment, abolition and rights represent intertwined aspects of rising bourgeois culture.

Notable uncollected articles include "The Stableboy Discovered: Editing the Memoirs of Thomas Hammond," Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 2017;  “The Secret History of the Rise of the Novel: The Novel and the Middle Class in English Studies,“ ECTI, 2011; Olaudah Equiano and the Eighteenth-Century Debate on Africa,” Eighteenth-Century Studies (2007); “The Politics of Silence: Mansfield Park and the Amelioration of Slavery,” in Novel: a Forum on Fiction (Summer 2006); and "Maria Edgeworth's 'Grateful Negro' and Pro-Slavery Sentimentalism," in Eighteenth-Century Life (1999).

Boulukos presents often at the MLA and ASECS conferences and currently holds a position as co-director of the ASECS race and Empire caucus.


Eighteenth-Century British Literature