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Mary Bogumil

Associate Professor

Mary Bogumil

Phone: 618.453.6861
Office: Faner, Room 2243

Professor Bogumil teaches modern British and American literature, with a particular interest in British, Irish, Scottish, Australian and American drama, and often works with student playwrights in the Theater Department. She is author of Understanding August Wilson (1999) and a revised edition, including all of Wilson’s cycle plays (2011) for the University of South Carolina Press. Her articles have appeared in College EnglishAmerican Journal of SemioticsTheatre Journal, and the New Hibernia Review on writers such as: Harold Pinter, August Wilson, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright and Jack Dunphy. Dr. Bogumil’s publications include essays on Clare Boylan and Magnus Mills for the Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twenty-first Century British and Irish Novelists, and on Anita Brookner's Hotel du Lac for a DLB volume on Booker Prize winners, an essay on August Wilson’s relationship to Black Theater for Cambridge University Press's Companion Series (2007), an article on Jez Butterworth’s The Riverfor The Journal of Contemporary Drama in English (2017) and another on August Wilson: Performing the African American Historical Cycle for Gale (2017). She recently published essays on essays on Irish novelists Donal Ryan and Kevin Barry (Gale 2020). She is the faculty advisor for SIU’s chapter of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta.


Modern British and Modern American Literature