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David Anthony

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David Anthony

Phone: 618.453.6888
Email: davidant@siu.edu
Office: Faner, Room 2368

David Anthony is a Professor of American Literature and the Director of the School of Literature, Writing, and Digital Humanities at SIU. He is the author of Paper Money Men: Commerce, Manhood, and the Sensational Public Sphere in Antebellum America (Ohio State UP, 2009), as well as various articles on antebellum literature. These have appeared in American Literature (1997, 2004, 2019), ALH, Early American Literature, The Yale Journal of Criticism, and elsewhere. His new project, for which he received a long-term NEH fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society, is entitled “The Money Changers: Modernity, Ambivalence, and the Sensational Jew in Antebellum America.” Currently under revision with a university press, this book examines the ubiquitous presence of the “sensational Jew” in the pulpy world of antebellum mass culture, and argues that this material offers the Jew as the figure through whom to project and negotiate various forms of social and economic anxiety as the US became more modern and industrialized in the mid-nineteenth century. Anthony is also the author of a novel entitled Something for Nothing (Algonquin, 2011).


Early American Literature