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The study of economics examines how entities from individuals to nations allocate resources to achieve objectives consistent with their desires and interests. A strong economics background can help one:

  • better understand movements in stock markets
  • achieve a balance between economic policy and environmental goals
  • recognize the costs and benefits of increased globalization including international trade
  • predict how different government policies influence the business cycle

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Economic forces have had powerful effects throughout world history. A strong background in economics can greatly increase one's understanding of the world today. The study of economics helps develop analytical abilities and skills such as forecasting market trends and managing financial portfolios that are attractive to a wide range of employers in both the private and public sectors. A degree in economics is also beneficial to those who enter graduate programs in business, law, or any of the social sciences.

What's it like to be graduating from SIU Carbondale with a degree in Economics?

» Hear from some of our own graduating seniors, in their own words, the experiences they've had here in our Department that give them confidence as they go out into the world as prepared, educated economists.