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Economics Student Association

Members of the Economics Student Association are graduate students in the Department of Economics seeking a Masters or a Doctorate degree. The ESA is organized by the ESA Officers (see current list below), all of whom are graduate students.  The officers are elected by fellow graduate students to perform unique duties for the organization. All graduate students are encouraged to join and get involved with the department activities. 

The ESA provides many services for graduate students. To name a few:     

  • Special Events—Guest Speakers, Department Picnics, Entertainment Events
  • Newsletter—we produce a Department newsletter, The Marginalist.  The newsletter provides information on the activities of the ESA and the Department.
  • Mentor Program—older graduate students provide mentoring services and helpful advice to incoming students.  The Program has been in effect for many years and has been very well received by all participants

Membership is FREE, and you can find a place to belong and to have fun! You can discuss concerns and have questions answered by other students, fellow graduates who have “been there before.”  Participation is a great way to meet people and make new friends.