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Dissertations of our Graduates

Class of 2015

Babatunde Aiyemo
Inequality, Growth and Congested Externalities: A Theoretical & Empirical Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2015.

Pavlo Buryi
Public Support for Product Innovating R&D in a Game-Theoretic Setting, Ph.D. dissertation, 2015.

Bisrat Kinfemichael
Convergence in Sectoral Labor Productivity and Structural Change, Ph.D. dissertation, 2015.

Eric Lenz
Macroeconomic Aspects of Conflict, Ph.D. dissertation, 2015.

Fathi Mohalhal
Oil Price Movements and Equity Returns Evidence from the GCC Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2015.

Class of 2014

Suleman Abdiah
An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Aid Heterogeneity According to Donors for Pakistan, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Ficawoyi K. Donou-Adonsou
Growth, Poverty, and Capital Structure Effects of Financial Development, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Hussein Elkamel
An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Corruption and Inflation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Markum Reed
An Empirical Approach to Social Networks, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Hyeon Joon Shin
The Effects of Foreign Aid on Government Policies: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Xu Xu
Essays on Migration and Human Capital Accumulation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2014.

Class of 2013

Channary Khun
The Economics of Child Adoption: Theory and Evidence, Ph.D. dissertation, 2013.

Huiqing Li
Essays on Monetary Economics, Ph.D. dissertation, 2013.

Sokchea Lim
Essays on a Small Open Economy with Cross-Border Labor Mobility, Ph.D. dissertation, 2013.

Gabriel Pino Saldias
Analysis and Identification of Determinants of Economic Crises, Ph.D. dissertation, 2013.

Yuqin Wang
On the Analysis of Firm Value and Idiosyncratic Volatility, Ph.D. dissertation, 2013.

Class of 2012

Sabri Yilmaz
Trade Networks Under Asymmetric Information, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Bojan Ilievski
Tax Revenue and Financial Development: Theory and Evidence, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Joseph Bernard Sobieralski
Taxation of United States General Aviation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Aboubacar Diaby
A Study of Corruption in Transition Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Xibin Zhang
U.S. Housing Market Volatility, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Shaila Parveen
Microcredit and Savings, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Gerard Tano
Unemployment Insurance in Labor Search Model and Money Demand, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Seifu Gebrehanna
Direct vis-à-vis Indirect Mode of Export in Sub Saharan Africa: Theoretical and Empirical Investigation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Zheng Du
Empirical Essays on Economic Policies, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Yi Liu
Privatization Policy Under Foreign Competition and Unemployment in China, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Fatma Nur Karaman
A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Product Quality in Turkey: The Roles of Competition, Credits and Trade Policies, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Kazi Ahmed
Investments in Product Quality with Heterogeneous Firms: Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.

Areerat Kichkha
Possible Linkages Between Trade Restrictions and Workplace Safety, Ph.D. dissertation, 2012.


Class of 2011

Andreas Assiotis
Does Democratization Affect Growth Across Time or Space? , Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Hem Basnet
On Global Linkages of Economies and Economic Integration in Latin America , Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Ghazal Bayanpourtehrani
Women, Fertility, and the Labor Market, Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Mahelet Getachew Fikru
Mergers and Acquisitions with a Flexible Policy Regime:  Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Wei Gao
Assassination and Economic Performance , Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Malokele Nanivazo
Foreign Aid for Trade Policy Reforms, Ph.D. dissertation, 2011.

Class of 2010

Sofyan Azaizeh
Essays on Household Demand for Credit Cards, Bankruptcy and Over-Spending, Ph.D. dissertation, 2010.

Fassil Fanta
Essays on Imperfections in Capital and Money Market, Ph.D. dissertation, 2010.

Hasan Mohsin
Essays on Money and Finance:  The Case of Selected South Asian Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2010

Guangjun Qu
The Effects of Undervaluation Upon Growth and Development, Ph.D. dissertation, 2010.

Class of 2009

Luis Gautier
Pollution Abatement Under Oligopoly with Free-Entry: Theory and Evidence, Ph.D. dissertation, 2009.

ANM Moinul Islam
Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2009.

Joseph Toe
Welfare Effects of Industrial Policies Under Asymmetric Oligopoly and Endogenous Quality, Ph.D. dissertation, 2009.

Puneet Vatsa
Essays on Interrelationships Among Economic Time Series, Ph.D. dissertation, 2009.

Tilahun Ayanou
Impacts of Volatility Spillovers, Economic Volatility and Capital Inflows on Mortgage-Backed Financial Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2009.

Class of 2008

Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid
The Transmission of U.S. Financial and Monetary Shocks to Emerging MENA Stock Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Sami Alabdulwahab
Three Essays on Financial Markets and Monetary Behavior in GCC Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Usama Al-Qalawi
On Estimation of Efficiencies of Hospitals and Electric Power Plants, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Liaoliao Li
Essays on Free Trade Networks, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Guangyu Ma
Essays on Population Economics, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Paul D. Melvin
Essays on Estimating Efficiency and Productivity Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Hemant Patil
Essays on Economics of Networks, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Zhifang Peng
International Vertical Collaboration Between a Producer and a Seller, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Tejashree Sayanak
Foreign Aid as Prize: Incentives for Pro-Poor Policy, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Dilara Tas
Essays on Exchange Rate Risk, Asset Returns and Trade Flows in East Asian Emerging Market Economies, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Zhimin Wang
Cost of Capital and Return on Capital: U.S.-Based Multinational Corporations and U.S. Domestic Corporations, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Yuying Xie
Technology Spillover and Product Quality, Ph.D. dissertation, 2008.

Class of 2007

Assande Adom
Currency Substitution, Macroeconomic Interdependence and Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Selected African Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Sandip Dutta
Essays on the Microstructure of Equity Index Futures Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Farrokh Kahnamoui
The Effects of Trade Barriers on Growth: An Empirical Investigation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Sallem Koubida
Volatility of Exchange Rates in Spot and Futures Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Abdelmounaim Lahrech
North and Latin American Stock Market Linkages, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Yuexing Lan
Integration and Business Cycle Synchronization Within China, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

James Millar
An Investigation into the Effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Firm and Market Variables, Ph.D. dissertation, 2007.

Class of 2006

Mahmoud Abdelbaky
Exchange Rate Regimes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), A Markov Switching Model Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 2006.

Bader Alotaibi
Oil Price Fluctuations and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries, 1960-2004 , Ph.D. dissertation, 2006.

Marcus Parks
Managerial Decisions and the Choice of One Time Cash Disbursements: Self Tendered Offers vs. Specially Designed Dividends, Ph.D. dissertation, 2006.

Litao Zhong
Domestic Tax Policy and International Joint Ventures, Ph.D. dissertation, 2006.

Class of 2005

Qian Hao
Competition and Allocation for Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Country Size, Production Efficiency and Market Structure, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Ningwei Liu
International Trade and Industrial Policy in Discrete Choice Models of Love of Variety, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Heru Margono
On the Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of Indonesian Firms, Banks and Provincial Economies, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Kazuhiko Nakahira
Monetary Policy in Japan Since the 1980s, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Peter Ng'ang'a
Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Mriduchhanda Paul
International Transmission of Monetary Policies: The Role of Foreign Investment and Currency Substitution, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Valerica Vlad
Essays on Globalization and Environment, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Mohd Pisal Zainal
Essays on the Long- and Short-Run Dynamics of Macro-Variables in the Pacific Rim Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2005.

Class of 2004

Mustafa Akin
Three Essays on Economics of Education in Developing Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004.

Ahmad Al-Hadiah
Essays in Macroeconomic and Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Kuwait, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004.

Saksit Budsayaplakorn
Essays in Exchange Rate, Inflation, and the Role of Monetary Policy for Small Open Economies, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004.

Alexandar Tokarev
Evolution of Pyramidal and Decentralized Institutional Structures: Economic Impacts in Spain and England, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004.

Doina Vlad
Investors' Belief and Their Implications on Asset Pricing, Excess Returns, and Volatilities in Financial Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004.

Class of 2003

Salim Al-Gudhea
Essays on the Behavior of the Oil Market and OPEC, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Jauhari Dahalan
Divisia Indexes and Money Demand Function in Malaysia, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Lane Blume-Hudgins
Applications of the Benefit Function to Issues in Optimal Taxation, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Bruce King
Economic Freedom and Productivity Change in Developed and Developing Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Yu-Feng Lee
The Optimum Currency Areas and the Pacific Rim, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Dennis Pearson
An Analysis of U.S. Bilateral Trade Flows with Canada, Japan, and Mexico, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Yaya Sissoko
Business Cycles (Macroeconomic Fluctuations), Real Exchange Rates and Optimum Currency Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Abdoul Wane
Essays on Asymmetric Adjustment in the Long-Run: A Cointegration Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2003.

Class of 2002

Kanokwan Chancharoenchai
The Behavior of Stock Prices and Time-Varying Risk Premium: Evidence for Six Southeast Asian Emerging Stock Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002.

Corey Freije
The Generalization of the Sharpe Ratio to Nerlovian Profit Efficiency and an Application to Mutual Funds, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002.

James K. Self
Essays in Financial and Public Economics, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002.

Sharmistha Self
Education and Economic Growth: A Causal Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002.

Qian Shen
Momentum and Contrarian Strategies in Financial Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2002.

Class of 2001

Eisa Aleisa
Essays on Macroeconomic Fluctuations, Oil Prices, and World Inflation: The Case of Saudi Arabia, Ph.D. dissertation, 2001.

Sasmito Wibowo
Growth Convergence in Southeast Asia and Underground Economy in Indonesia, Ph.D. dissertation, 2001.

Class of 2000

Phillip Letting
Evaluation of Regional Economic Impacts Resulting from Lock Modernization at J.T. Myers Locks and Dam: An Application of Input-Output Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 2000.

Orawan Ratanapakorn
The U.S. Stock Market: The Impacts of Internal and External Macroeconomics Variables, Ph.D. dissertation, 2000

Kay Strong
A 'Real' Analysis of Purchasing Power Parity, Ph.D. dissertation, 2000.

Praphan Wongbangpo
Dynamic Analysis on ASEAN Stock Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 2000.

Class of 1999

Santi Chaisrisawatsuk
Currency Substitution in Asia, Ph.D. dissertation, 1999.

Swee Yoong Wong
Does Central Bank Independence Benefit Developing Countries? Ph.D. dissertation, 1999.

Class of 1998

Monica Chan
Capital Market Liberalization in the Asia-Pacific Region: Time Series Evidence from Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and Foreign Investments, Ph.D. dissertation, 1998.

Verughese Jacob
Technical Production Efficiency in the Presence of Public Capital: The Case of the O.E.C.D., Ph.D. dissertation, 1998.

Class of 1997

Soo Yean Chua
Economic Interdependence and Cooperation in East Asia, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Teame Ghirmay
Outward Orientation and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries: An Empirical Investigation, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Prakash Mahat
Domestic Savings and Economic Growth in South Asia, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Betty Sarango
Monetary and Fiscal Policies in the Economic Growth of Ecuador: An Empirical Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Brian Sloboda
The Economic Impact of Southern Illinois University on the State of Illinois: The Human Capital Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Naiqun Wu
Technical Efficiencies in Chinese Agricultural Production Before and After Reform, Ph.D. dissertation, 1997.

Class of 1996

Khaled Al-Saleh
Money, Income, and Monetary Policy in the Economy of Saudi Arabia, An Empirical Study Using a Monetary Framework, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Frank Arokiasamy
A Study of the International Integration of Financial Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Dohjoon Bhak
Expectations and International Adjustment: An Asset Market Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Yangho Chung
Directional Distance Functions and Undesirable Outputs, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

David B. Culp
Gold: A Survey and Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Yijian He
The Morishima Elasticity of Substitution for the Multi-Output Profit Function, Currency Substitution and Exchange Rate Determination in the United States, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Julius Horvath
Empirical Essays of Macroeconomic Interdependence Among Countries, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Soumahila Kebe
The Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policies as Determinants of Economic Activity, Employment, and Price Level in France: A VAR Investigation, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Chad Moutray
Assessing the Performance of Market-Based Education Reform, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Oladele Omosegbon
Poverty and Economic Growth in the United States, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Tammy Rapp Parker
Effects of Flexible Exchange Rates on Monetary Policy, Trade Volume and Exchange Rate Efficiency, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Senee Suwandee
The Link Between Agricultural Growth and Industrial Expansion During the Economic Transition in Asia, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Jinshan Zheng
An Investigation of the Short and Long Run Relationships Between Stock Returns and Inflation, Ph.D. dissertation, 1996.

Class of 1995

Brian R. Coleman
Small Sample Inference in a Linear Regression Model When Errors Follow an Autoregressive Process of Order One, Ph.D. dissertation, 1995.

Mohammed Yasser Fahmy
The Fisher Effect: Is It Real? An Empirical Investigation, Ph.D. dissertation, 1995.

Wei Hong.
An Empirical Investigation of Trade and Growth in China, Ph.D. dissertation, 1995.

Class of 1994

Abdulla S. Al-Khulaifi
The Demand for Money in Qatar: An Empirical Study, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Ihab Barghothi
Monetary Policy in Selected Arab Countries and the Possibility of Integration, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Chang Soo Kim
Productivity Growth, Technological Progress, and Efficiency Change of Manufacturing and Agriculture in the NICs and Japan, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Manhal Shotar
The Demand for the United States Currency, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Xingyu Wang
Family Migration and Government Public Housing Policies in the United Kingdom: The New Evidence, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Spyros Zarkos
Exchange Rate Regimes, Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Bilateral Trade Flows: The U.S.-Germany Case, Ph.D. dissertation, 1994.

Class of 1993

Hamid Assar
Family Migration in Iran: The Role of Women and Kinship Ties, Ph.D. dissertation, 1993.

Kovit Charnvitayapong
Real Business Cycles and Money, Ph.D. dissertation, 1993.

Zulkiply Omar
The Behavior of Consumer Durable Expenditures: A VAR Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 1993.

Zhaoping Wang
Shortages, Work Effort, and Price Adjustments: A Look at China's Economic Reform Since the Late 70s, Ph.D. dissertation, 1993.

Jeffrey G. Woods
The Impact of the Standard Deviation of the Sectoral Share of Total Nominal GNP on Output, Prices and Wages: A Cross-Industry Analysis, Ph.D. dissertation, 1993.

Class of 1992

Sung-Ko Li
Three Essays on Efficiency Measurements, Ph.D. dissertation, 1992.

Class of 1991

Ziad Al-Ayash
International Banking and Bank Returns, Ph.D. dissertation, 1991.

Dharmendra Dhakal
A Vector Autoregressive Analysis of Inflation in the United States, Ph.D. dissertation, 1991.

Class of 1990

Janet Koscianski
Optimal Production and Trade In International Titanium Markets, Ph.D. dissertation, 1990.

Class of 1989

Toyonari Ide
Marshallian Stability and Marshall's Long-Run Equilibrium in the Theory of International Trade, Ph.D. dissertation, 1989.

Rasoul Rezvanian
The Effects of the Recent Deregulation on the Efficiency of the U.S. Banking Industry, Ph.D. dissertation, 1989.

Suthathip Yaisawarng
Measuring Short-Run Price Efficiency: Theory and Application, Ph.D. dissertation, 1989.

Growth in Illinois Electric Utilities," Resources and Energy, 12(4), December 1990, 383-398.

Class of 1988

Daniel Wai-Wah Cheung
Monetary Interdependence and the Transmission of Inflation Between the U.S. and U.K., Ph.D. dissertation, 1988.

Hirofumi Fukuyama
Alternative Notions and Measures of Returns to Scale: A Multiple-Output Duality Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 1988

John McGowan
An Analysis of the Effect of the Tax Reform Act on Stock Prices: A Market Study, Ph.D. dissertation, 1988.

Dominique Njinkeu
A Monte Carlo Comparison of Alternative Measurement of Returns to Scale in Nonstochastic Models, Ph.D. dissertation, 1988.

Joyce Pik Ha Wong
Causality Between the Exchange Rate and the Inflation Rate in the U.S. and West Germany, Ph.D. dissertation, 1988.

Class of 1987

Chi-Chur Chao
Monopolistic Competition, International Trade and Factor Mobility, Ph.D. dissertation, 1987.

Seyed M. Mehdian
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Farmers' Home Administration Borrows, Ph.D. dissertation, 1987.

Class of 1986

Hassan Y. Aly
Infant and Child Mortality in Egypt: An Economic, Proximate Determinants Approach, Ph.D. dissertation, 1986.

William Weber
Estimating Demand Prices for Public Goods From Private Aggregate Demand Functions, Ph.D. dissertation, 1986.