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Scott Gilbert

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Scott Gilbert

Office: Faner Hall 4145
Phone: 618/453-5095

Office Hours:
TR 11:00-2:00
Or by appt.

Ph.D., 1996 Economics, University of California San Diego
Fields: Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Finance

Selected Publications:

"Foreign Aid, History, and Growth," (with Kevin Sylwester), in Theory and Practice of Foreign Aid, edited by Sajal Lahiri, 2007, 403-420.

"Who's Afraid of Reduced-Rank Parameterizations of Multivariate Models? Theory and Example," (with Petr Zemcik), Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 97, 2006, 925-945.

"The Impact of Skewness in the Hedging Decision" (with Samuel K. Jones and Gay Hatfield), Journal of Futures Markets, 26, 2006, 503-520.

"Testing for Latent Factors in Models with Autocorrelation and Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form" (with Petr Zemcik), Southern Economic Journal, 72, 2005, 236-252.

"Distribution of Rankings for Groups Exhibiting Heteroskedasticity and Correlation," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 98, 2003, 147-157.


  • Associate Editor, The American Statistician