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About Us

Economics and your goals

The study of economics examines how entities from individuals to nations allocate resources to achieve objectives congruent with their desires and interests. A strong economics background can help you better predict movements in stock markets, achieve a balance between economic policy and environmental goals, recognize the costs and benefits of increased globalization including international trade, and predict how different government policies influence the business cycle.

A bachelor's degree in Economics from SIU Carbondale gives you the analytical ability and flexibility attractive to a wide range of employers such as commercial and investment banks, stock brokerages, insurance companies, government agencies and even overseas employment. The master's degree program is designed to allow the student to take courses in theory as well as applied economics. The doctoral program is built around a core of courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics and allows the student to specialize in two fields.

What we offer

When you study economics at SIU, it's not just about the numbers. We help you to propel yourself into a competitive position by forming relationships that matter.

Resources & Opportunities

  • Faculty mentors and advisors
  • Economics computer lab
  • For-credit internships (3 credit hours)
  • Generous scholarship for good students
  • Economics Club & Honor Society
  • Preparation for graduate school via Advanced courses (optional)

More than a head for numbers

The Department of Economics makes its home in the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA), the largest and most academically diverse college on campus. You can draw from its wide array of complementary classes and minors to shape the program that's exactly right for you and your interests.