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Persuasive Communication

Intrigued by a career in politics, corporate or public advocacy?

Have you ever wanted a job in law or sales?

  • Improve your ability to make successful presentations
  • Learn how to create effective oral and written messages
  • Develop your analytical skills and ability to persuade others
  • Explore the effects of mass media that you encounter every day at home or work

If you are interested in the persuasive dimension of human communication, or if you are planning a career in politics, corporate or public advocacy, law or sales, you will find the specialization in persuasive communication helpful. Some of your courses will focus on the practical task of persuading others by means of public speeches and written discourse. Others may explore theories of persuasion and rhetoric as they apply to political speaking, public controversy, the mass media and interpersonal communication. This specialization will help you become more aware and reflective of the persuasive messages you encounter every day in the classroom, at home and work, in the media, and in relationships.


Persuasive Communication Specialization Requirements, 33 credit hours
Required: 221, 325, 326, 411; six hours selected from 310, 382, 412, 421 (3,3), 451; and 15 hours selected from any other communication studies courses.

Communication Studies Major Requirements
University Core Curriculum Requirements, 41 credit hours
College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements, 6-11 credit hours (Includes: one year of foreign language and two writing intensive courses).

Requirements for Major in Communication Studies, 42-43 credit hours
Required Core Courses, 9 credit hours
Communication theory: 230
Communication skills: 3 hours of public communication selected from 221, 325, 326 or 370; and 3 hours of interpersonal communication selected from 261, 262, 371 or 383. Required Curriculum Specialization, 33-36 credit hours (see above)

Communication Studies Minor Requirements
A minor in communication studies consists of a minimum of fifteen hours (in addition to Communication Studies 101), which must include nine hours at the 300-or 400-level.

*From 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog