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Interpersonal Communication

Do you enjoy exploring relationships, and learning how and why your friends and family do what they do?

Interpersonal Communication gives you a closer look at relationships of all sorts, and how they work.

  • Study conflict as well as cooperation in friendships, families, and intimate relationships
  • Improve your ability to work in groups
  • Understand the daily communication experiences you have with others
  • Learn to be a better listener
  • Work to build and maintain relationships

The communication we engage in every day with our friends, family, romantic partners, and colleagues shapes the relationships we have with these individuals. Our interpersonal relationships are often complex. There is much that we can learn from the study of interpersonal communication that will help us to have happier, more fulfilling relationships. Courses in Interpersonal Communication offer insight into: how to become a better listener, how to work effectively in small groups, how to build, maintain, and even end relationships in a healthy and productive manner, among many others. If you are interested in a career in education, conflict mediation, interviewing, communication skills training, or counseling, and if you enjoy working with people and are fascinated by the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, the specialization in interpersonal communication may be the one for you.


Interpersonal Communication Specialization Requirements, 33 credit hours
Required: 261, 262, 301I (or 341), 361, 463; and 18 hours selected from any other communication studies courses.

Communication Studies Major Requirements
University Core Curriculum Requirements, 41 credit hours
College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements, 6-11 credit hours (Includes: one year of foreign language and two writing intensive courses).

Requirements for Major in Communication Studies, 42-43 credit hours
Required Core Courses, 9 credit hours
Communication theory: 230
Communication skills: 3 hours of public communication selected from 221, 325, 326 or 370; and 3 hours of interpersonal communication selected from 261, 262, 371 or 383. Required Curriculum Specialization, 33-36 credit hours (see above)

Communication Studies Minor Requirements
A minor in communication studies consists of a minimum of fifteen hours (in addition to Communication Studies 101), which must include nine hours at the 300-or 400-level.

*From 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog