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Intercultural Communication

Are you interested in communication in diverse cultural environments?

We will help you prepare for the global future.

  • Explore communication in a mix of cultures
  • Develop a well-rounded appreciation for differences of race, ethnicity, class, and gender
  • Study the impact of global media on the world economy
  • Learn practical skills for success in understanding others
  • Gain global perspectives and improve your awareness of diversity in US-American society

In our ever-changing society, there is more expected from a college graduate now than ever before. Mass media, the Internet, and a global economy force us to interact every day with more and more people from diverse backgrounds. If you wish to become a competent and effective communicator in intercultural interactions, there are a variety of courses in the intercultural communication specialization that may be of interest to you. Courses in the intercultural communication specialization focus on applying intercultural communication theory and research to everyday encounters with individuals with different races, ethnicities, religions, gender, ages, sexual orientations and physical abilities.


Intercultural Communication Specialization Requirements, 33 credit hours
Required: 262, 301I (or 341), 361, 440, 441, 448; and fifteen hours selected from any other communication studies courses.

Electives: AFR 215, 330; ANTH 202, 301, 304, 370, 410I, 410L, 410N, 410O; HIST 361, 365; JRNL 306I; LING 200, 201, 415; MKTG 336, 435; POLS 352I, 373; PSYC 307, 323; RTD 467; SOC 215, 423, 424, 435, 437.

Communication Studies Major Requirements
University Core Curriculum Requirements, 41 credit hours
College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements, 6-11 credit hours (Includes: one year of foreign language and two writing intensive courses).

Requirements for Major in Communication Studies, 42-43 credit hours
Required Core Courses, 9 credit hours
Communication theory: 230
Communication skills: 3 hours of public communication selected from 221, 325, 326 or 370; and 3 hours of interpersonal communication selected from 261, 262, 371 or 383. Required Curriculum Specialization, 33-34 credit hours (see above)

Communication Studies Minor Requirements
A minor in communication studies consists of a minimum of fifteen hours (in addition to Communication Studies 101), which must include nine hours at the 300-or 400-level.

*From 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog