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National Communication Association Student Club

NCASC is a student run organization affiliated with the National Communication Association (NCA). SIUC is one of only about 20 universities to have an active chapter of NCASC. The goal of NCASC is to connect students from all speech communication specializations. Students in NCASC come from speech communication as well as other departments. NCASC is a chance for students who feel that communication plays an important part in their lives, present and future, to come together and support one another academically and socially.

NCASC also works to connect students with the professors in the department. This is done primarily at the beginning and end of the year picnics hosted by NCASC to which the entire department is invited. NCASC also hosts fundraisers in order to assist students in attending National and Regional conferences. We are looking forward to the National Conference in San Antonio this fall. NCASC also hosts various social events in order to encourage interaction between students and students and faculty, in accordance with the goals that NCA has set forth for NCASC chapters across the country. Some of these events include tailgating, scavenger hunts, speakers, movies, dinner, speakers forum, fundraisers and more.