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September 7, 2019
Graduate Student Performance Hour*
New and returning graduate students present work in a variety of performance genres.

September 8-14, 2019
Residency with Performance Artist Tim Miller
Supported by the Fine Arts Activity Fee    

September 12, 2019
A Body in the O*
Written, directed, and performed by Tim Miller

Climb along with performer Tim Miller inside the giant O of the Hollywood sign - or as Shakespeare called it "the wooden O" of the theatre- as Miller performs a new work created from his brand new book of performances and stories A BODY IN THE O. Jumping off from a day in 1984 when Miller scrambled up inside of the O of the Hollywood sign and imagined the performance space tree house of his dreams (Highways), A BODY IN THE O journeys through the hoops of the Department of Homeland Security, the human heart's mysterious Os, and finally a wedding day as Miller imagines the full possibility of performance that changes the world inside these wooden Os! MATURE THEMES.

September 14, 2019
Body Maps*
Written and performed by students in Tim Miller’s workshop
Directed by Tim Miller

As part of his residency, Miller will conduct a week-long performance workshop, which concludes with this ensemble performance of personal work prepared by students. MATURE THEMES.

September 26-28, 2019
Written and performed by Christos Patelis
Co-directed by Chistos Patelis and Rebecca Walker

What can food teach us about ourselves? Our time-honored recipes often illuminate more than quantities or ingredients, they hold hidden histories between each handwritten line. Nourish explores the intrinsic link between home-cooking and identity by examining the relationship between a grandmother, mother, and son. Let’s sit down for dinner together.

October 1, 2019
Written and performed by Jesús I. Valles
Directed by Rudy Ramirez

With a single phrase, you can give up your country. With a single signature, you can tear a family apart. With a single word, you can learn to transform. In their first full-length solo show, (Un)Documents, award-winning actor and poet Jesús I. Valles journeys across both sides of a river with two names, moving between languages to find their place as a child, a lover, a teacher, and a sibling in a nation that demands sacrifice at the altar of citizenship. In doing so, they create a new kind of documentation written with anger, fierce love, and the knowledge that what makes us human can never be captured on a government questionnaire. MATURE THEMES

November 7-9, 2019
Inheritance of a Flyover
Written, directed, and performed by Anna Wilcoxen

For many, the Midwest is nothing more than the flyover states, or a place where culture goes to die. When you come from a mostly blue-collar family in the rural Midwest, what you inherit from your family are stories – the story of Gram stealing a car, or how Mom came up with that recipe for bread pudding when we only had three ingredients in the kitchen. But what does it mean to inherit stories from a place the rest of the country regards as “the flyover?” This one person show invites the audience to join the performer in a view from the middle as they rummage through their histories in an attempt to re-story the stories of their flyover inheritance, while exploring whose stories are “worth” telling. MATURE THEMES.

December 3, 2019
Beginning Courses Spotlight Hour*

Students in the beginning performance courses, such as Performing Culture and Storytelling, present their best work, as selected by instructors.

December 5, 2019
Beginning Courses Spotlight Hour*
Advanced Courses Spotlight Hour*

Students in advanced performance courses, including undergraduates and graduate students, present their best work, offering a sampler of performance studies artistic scholarship.

Spring Semester

January 25, 2020
Faculty Performance Hour*

Faculty in the Communication Studies department present work in a variety of genres, typically including performances of literature, autoethnography, performance art, oral history, and/or music.

March 26-28, 2020
The Muses are Calling
Written, compiled, and directed by Shelby Swafford

Daughters of Memory. Mothers of Knowledge. Goddesses of Inspiration. The Muses call upon us to bestow their graces of wisdom and creativity. But history shows the importance of asking the question: who answers, and whose responses are remembered? Women are historically more likely to be cast as “muse” than “artist,” as source of inspiration rather than as creator of “genius.” But that doesn’t mean women creators don’t exist. The Muses Are Calling blends feminist historiography, auto/biography, and mythology in a performative biomythography to explore the relationship between creative work and “women’s work” – and to recall some of the calls that have been missed. MATURE THEMES.

April 23-25, 2020
Threading: A Vibrant Installation of Travel and Memorial
Written, directed, and performed by Alex Davenport

This performance installation centers on the creation of a community-based quilt to honor the memory and activism of anti-mountaintop removal protester Julia”Judy” Bonds. Weaving together documentation of the quilt’s creation, audio from Judy Bonds’ appearances, travel footage, and more, we will follow Bonds' life and activism to better understand the impact and connection one person can have. Ultimately this show proposes the question of what it means to remember someone who has died, to retrace their steps, and to sew memories of them together in order to bring them close.

May 2, 2020
Performance Course Spotlight Hour*

Students in performance studies courses, such as Performing Culture and Storytelling, as well as advanced classes, present their best work, as selected by instructors.

All Shows begin at 8 pm, and there is no admittance once the performance has started. Admission is $7; $5 for students with ID; Shows marked (*) are free.  For reservations, call 618/453-5618. For information, contact

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