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Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of the organization is to enhance professional development opportunities for the graduate students in Communication Studies at SIUC.


  1. Getting our department and program out into the SIU community
  2. Assisting the Communication Studies Department: Financially and Volunteering
  3. Having a vote (and voice) in the CMST Faculty Meetings and assisting with faculty searches and meeting with interested graduate students
  4. Bringing guest speakers to the SIU Community

Graduate students in the Communication Studies Department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


As stated in the Constitution and Bylaws

President – Sarah Hollingsworth will preside at general meetings, executive committee meetings, and any special meetings of the SCO. The president will also serve as the graduate student representative at the department faculty meetings.

Vice President – Michael Forst will take over the President's responsibilities in his/her/hir absence, serve as Parliamentarian at any meetings of the SCO, and lead fundraising efforts for the John T. Warren Memorial Scholarship fund.

Secretary – Shelley Rawlins will post a blank agenda after each regular meeting in order to allow members and officers to contribute business items and will distribute minutes of each meeting within two (2) school days.

Treasurer – Lacey Brown will keep track of accounts payable and accounts receivable for the SCO and will initiate fundraising efforts throughout the academic year.

Librarian – Lauran Schaefer will be responsible for maintaining the Graduate Library, will serve as chair of the Library Committee, and archive graduate student accomplishments.

Social Director – Emily Vajalla will initiate and advertise social events for the graduate students.

Intercultural Relations Officer – Danette Patton will serve as liaison between varying intra-/inter-departmental communities and will work with the SCO to bring a guest speaker to campus each academic year.

Committee Members

Undergraduate Committee - Caleb McKinley-Portee
Graduate Committee - Jake Beck and Crys Lacroix
GPSC - Dianah McGreehan and Crys Lacoix
Planning & Development - Patrick Seick
Personnel - Anna Wilcoxen