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Rhetoric and Society

Coursework in this area prepares students for research and teaching that conceptualizes communication developed in several rhetorical traditions. The area embraces a broad conception of rhetoric that includes spoken, written, performative, visual, and digital modes of communication and occurs in contexts both public and private, with particular emphasis on the roles public discourse plays in social movements and activism. The area focuses on interests in argumentation theory, pragmatic theories of communication, rhetoric of inquiry, cultural studies, classical and contemporary rhetoric, public address, and rhetorical criticism.

Recent Courses Offered

  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Rhetorical Theory
  • Feminist Theory
  • History of Women’s Movements in the US
  • Rhetoric of Men’s Movements
  • Visual Rhetoric
  • Environmental Rhetoric
  • French Communication Theory
  • Comics as Communication
  • Rhetoric and Pedagogy of Place and Public Memory
  • Communication in On-Line Communities