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Online B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) Program

Are you interested in studying criminology and criminal justice at a major research university with nationally- and internationally-recognized faculty, but need or desire the flexibility to take classes online? The Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale offers students the convenience of an online degree program, allowing students to complete all CCJ major and University requirements to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from anywhere in the world! Online students fulfill the same curriculum requirements, are taught by the same faculty as on-campus students, and can select from courses offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The program is appropriate for any students interested in online courses: first-time college students completing all course requirements at SIU, students transferring to SIU, or on-campus students deciding to fulfill remaining requirements entirely online.

Admission Requirements

The online Criminology and Criminal Justice program is available for both freshmen and transfer students that meet regular University admissions requirements.

Students transferring from another two- or four-year university are on their way toward earning a degree in CCJ from SIU. Depending upon whether they have earned an A.A. or A.S. degree, transfer students may already have completed core curriculum requirements. Consult an admissions advisor for information about core curriculum transfer credits, and the CCJ advisor for information about criminology and criminal justice transfer credits. Transfer students may complete up to 78 hours at another college / university and still satisfy the minimum requirement of 42 hours at SIU.


To apply for the online CCJ program, visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Program Format

All courses for this program are delivered online, structured so you can complete the work at your convenience by set deadlines throughout the semester. A team of instructors, teaching assistants, and program staff work to prepare and deliver course materials and provide support for you. Although the mode of delivery is different, online courses deliver the same content and are taught by the same faculty experts as face-to-face courses. In a typical online course, students will complete a set of readings, view a lecture recorded by the instructor, and engage in a set of assessment activities, such as asynchronous discussions with classmates, homework assignments, and quizzes or exams. Online students complete the same readings and receive lectures comparable to on-campus students. You can be anywhere in the world and still receive a world-class education from faculty who are actively doing research and working with criminal justice agencies.

The University’s Morris Library provides information and support for distance education learning. The SIU Bookstore supplies course materials for sale or rental and makes them available for pickup or shipment to home or business addresses. 

Curriculum and Courses

The online Criminology and Criminal Justice degree requires the standard 120 credit hours for a baccalaureate degree, including meeting University Core Curriculum requirements, which may be met though an approved Associate’s degree from an accredited community college.

University Core Curriculum Requirements 39
Major Requirements 42
CCJ 201, 290, 316, 317, and 310 or 360 (REQUIRED) 15
CCJ 200 / 300-level Electives 15
CCJ 400-level Electives 12
General Electives (with at least 6 hours at 300 / 400 level 39
Total hours required for a B.A. in CCJ 120

Major Required Courses:

  • CCJ 201 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CCJ 290 - Introduction to Criminological Theory
  • CCJ 310 - Introduction to Criminal Law OR CCJ 360 - Law and Social Control
  • CCJ 316 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Research
  • CCJ 317 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Statistics

Check out the program’s course offerings for an idea of the coursework you can expect.

This program offers continuous enrollment, so students may begin the program during the fall, spring, or summer sessions.. Part-time enrollment is available.

Program Costs

The cost for the online Criminology & Criminal Justice program is determined by SIU’s Off-Campus tuition and fee structure. Please refer to the Off-Campus Tuition and Fees Calculator for additional information. Some courses will require the purchase of additional software or other materials.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available. Please visit the SIU Financial Aid website for more information.

Why Our Online Criminology and Criminal Justice Program?

Graduates from our program go on to successful careers in a large variety of fields within criminology and criminal justice. Check out these Success Stories from some of our program’s graduates!


For questions, or to request more information, please contact the CCJ Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention, Mr. Michael Harbin, at or (618) 453-6434.

Additional Information

Check out the program flyer for additional information about the online CCJ program.

View the Undergraduate Catalog for more information about University policies and requirements.

For additional information regarding other online programs at SIU, go to the Office of Extended Campus.

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