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Awards & Scholarships

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a variety of awards and scholarships each year. 

Academic Achievement Award
Bill Mehrtens Memorial Scholarship
David A. Baer, Cheryl A. Walker Baer, and Naomi Baer Endowed Scholarship
Connie Howard Outstanding CJA Member
Myrl E. Alexander Fellowship
Nine Angels Scholarship
Outstanding Freshman Student
Outstanding Graduate Student
Outstanding New Student
Outstanding Senior Student
Outstanding Transfer Student
Thomas C. Castellano Outstanding Internship Award

Academic Achievement Award:  An award given to a graduating senior based on superior academic performance.

  • 2018  Megan Heflin
  • 2017  Conrad McLaughlin and Macy Pesavento
  • 2016  Jessica Schrock
  • 2015  Levi Gage
  • 2014  Darian Etienne
  • 2013  Molly Albert and Zachary Linneman
  • 2012  Nathaniel Chester and Lydia Ansermet
  • 2011  Michael A. Peavler III
  • 2010  David Welker
  • 2009  Justin Francis
  • 2008  Cassie Linders
  • 2007  Brandon Campbell and Stephanie Whittaker
  • 2006  Justin Tennyson
  • 2005  Bradley Akers

Bill Mehrtens Memorial Scholarship: Scholarship established through a generous donation from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council to honor the memory of Bill Mehrtens, a graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, former Jackson County Sheriff’s Department deputy, and FOP Labor Council field representative. 

  • 2017  Joseph McLaughlin and Dana Stalets
  • 2016  Michael Grossett and Heather Duzan
  • 2015  Tykia Neal and Jessica Schrock

David A. Baer, Cheryl A. Walker Baer, and Naomi Baer Endowed Scholarship: Scholarship is established through a generous donation from David Baer, a Southern Illinois University alumnus and long-time member (including chief) of the Bradley University Police Department.

  • 2018  Carlie Daffron
  • 2017  Veronica Godinez and Amy Wyant
  • 2016  Heather Duzan and Beryl Span

Connie Howard Outstanding CJA Member: An award given to the Criminal Justice Association (RSO) member who most actively contributed to the success of the Association during the past academic year. 

  • 2016  Samantha Vogt

Myrl E. Alexander Fellowship: Fellowship offered through the SIU Foundation for graduate study.

Nine Angels Scholarship:  An award established in memory of nine victims of a serial killer given to a meritorious CCJ major who has achieved at least junior status.

  • 2018  Savannah Long
  • 2017  Noah Schuetz
  • 2016  Caleb Koker
  • 2015  Casey Brown

Outstanding Freshman Student: A merit-based award given to a new, first-time college student with a declared major in CCJ. 

  • 2016  Anna Birkeland
  • 2015  Stephen Muetze
  • 2014  Brandon Bauer

Outstanding Graduate Student: An award given to a graduate student, either MA or PhD, enrolled in the CCJ program who demonstrates superior academic performance, research, and service.

  • 2018  Matthew Riordan
  • 2017  Tyrell Spencer
  • 2016  Sou Lee
  • 2015  Michael Kyle
  • 2014  Karla Keller Avelar
  • 2013  Melissa Haynes
  • 2011  Daniel Kavish
  • 2010  Christy Oldham

Outstanding New Student:  Award given to a deserving incoming freshman or transfer student in recognition of academic accomplishments.

  • 2018  Cloey Kantzioris
  • 2017  Tyler Castleman

Outstanding Senior Student:  An award given to a senior CCJ major who has demonstrated excellent academic performance, professional accomplishments, and service. 

  • 2017  Macy Pesavento
  • 2016  Ryan Davis and Faviola Lopez
  • 2015  Chelsee Burnius
  • 2014  Darian Etienne
  • 2013  Emily Berglin
  • 2012  Karla Keller Avelar
  • 2011  Steven Adent and Maggie Rumler
  • 2010  Katherine Thackaberry
  • 2009  Sabrina Criswell
  • 2008  Jarin Dunnigan
  • 2007  Matthew Hilton
  • 2006  Maria Guerrero
  • 2005  Brandy Raley    

Outstanding Transfer Student:  A merit-based award given to a CCJ major who recently transferred to SIU from another two- or four-year university.

  • 2016  Ellyn Moffett
  • 2015  Nicholas Murphy
  • 2014  Shelby Counts

Thomas C. Castellano Outstanding Internship Award:  An award for a student who has excelled in performance during a department-sponsored internship placement.

  • 2014  Esmerelda Zamora
  • 2013  No recipient
  • 2012  Jessica Deaton
  • 2011  No recipient
  • 2010  Danielle Rios
  • 2009  No recipient
  • 2008  Sarah Snyder
  • 2007  Cassandra Walden
  • 2006  Craig Smelton
  • 2005  No recipient