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Christopher Mullins

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Ph.D., University of Missouri St. Louis, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Specializations: Gender and Crime, Masculinities, Criminological Theory, Violations of International Criminal Law, International Criminal Courts.

Dr. Mullins joined the faculty of SIU in the Fall of 2008. His research focuses on structural and cultural aspects of violence. He is the author of Holding Your Square: Masculinities, Streetlife and Violence (2006, Willan) and the co-author of Symbolic Gestures and the Generation of Global Social Control: he International Criminal Court (2006, Lexington) and the co-author of Blood, Power and Bedlam: Violations of International Criminal Law in Post-Colonial Africa (2008, Peter Lang). He has also published over 20 articles and books chapters on gender and street crime; genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and international criminal law and jurisprudence. Dr. Mullins teaches courses in criminological theory, violence and courts. He also serves as the Director of University Studies at SIU.