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Tammy Kochel

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Ph.D., George Mason University, 2009.

Specializations:  Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice, Evidence-based Policing Strategies such as hot spots policing and focused deterrence, Neighborhood Ecology & Collective Efficacy

Dr. Kochel received her PhD in Justice, Law and Crime Policy from George Mason University and joined the department in 2009.  She previously earned her M.A. in Administration of Justice from SIU Carbondale.  Her recent research projects have included an ICJIA-funded project on gun violence with Springfield Police Department (IL), National Institute of Justice-funded hot spots policing experiment with St Louis County Police, and a Ferguson impact study funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.  Previously, she was involved in research with police in Trinidad and Tobago and a variety of agencies across the U.S.  She has worked for the Department of Justice and a for profit consulting firm conducting research and as a correctional officer in a jail.  Her primary research interests are policing (especially police legitimacy, evidence-based practice, and decision-making), neighborhood ecology and collective efficacy.