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Cindy Behle

Prof. Behle received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice in 1981, and her Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice in 1988, from SIU Carbondale. She has over 30 years of experience in the criminal justice field as a probation and parole officer, correctional treatment specialist and drug treatment specialist. She recently retired from the Department of Justice where she was assigned as a correctional treatment specialist for the Sex Offender Management Program at the United States Penitentiary in Marion. Her current focus is on pre-release programming and re-entry opportunities for inmates with substance abuse, mental health and sex offender treatment needs.

She enjoys counseling students about the potential career paths they can pursue with a Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree. She is also eager to use her many contacts in the criminal justice field to help students secure internships and establish a career upon graduation.