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Student Groups

AIGA, the Professional Association for Design

To unite people with a common interest in communication design; to provide an interchange of ideas and stimulate the public's interest.

Faculty Sponsor: Rob Lopez

Art Education Majors

The following art education professional organizations reinforce and foster the professional mission of the Program in Art Education:

  • Illinois Art Education Association (IAEA)
  • National Art Education Association (NAEA)
  • International Society for Education through Art (INSEA)

Faculty Contacts: Jody Paulson

Art History Association

Aims to provide a forum for discussion of art and art history among interested students, to help students explore career opportunities, and to increase interaction between professors and students.

New York City Spring Break Trip - Made possible by the Art History Endowment

Faculty Sponsor: Laurel Fredrickson

C.4 (Critical Forum, the Sculptor’s group)

C.4 is a student organization that exists to promote cooperation, collaboration and critical exchange through the visual arts for the undergraduate and graduate students committed to sculpture. Primary function as a group is to facilitate student critiques, foster exhibition opportunities, participate in national conferences and raise funds so that students may have a variety of unique opportunities.

Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Monteith

Graduate Association of Painters and Printmakers (GAPP)

Exists to facilitate creative discussions, exhibition opportunities & raise funds for national conference, visiting artist lectures as well as providing interaction between painting & printmaking graduates and the university community.

Faculty sponsor: Mark Pease

Industrial Designers Society of America

Provide students exposure to professionals in industrial design. To hold seminars to help students increase their abilities as industrial designers. Take a trip each year to the Midwest District Conference to interact with other students, teachers, & professionals.

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Scott

League of Art and Design (LoAD)

Dedicated to emerging artists within the School of Art & Design at SIUC; to provide support, exposure, and professional experience to active members before entering the art world outside of academia.

Faculty Sponsor: Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Mind’s Eye

Communication Design student group. Contact Kay Zivkovich for additional information.

Push & Pull Press

Printmaking student organization. Open to all majors - grads and undergrads.

Faculty Sponsor: Travis Janssen

Southern Clayworks

To increase awareness of the ceramic arts at SIUC and in the region through workshops, visiting artist lectures, public outreach, and exhibitions.

Faculty sponsors: Pattie Chalmers

Southern Glassworks

To further the cultural and educational experiences of those people associated with SIU with an active interest in glass; discussions of techniques and aesthetics in hot and cold glassworking; collect information, books, periodicals, slides, etc. for study; visit glass studios and gallery exhibits; sponsor guest lecturers; host shows and sales of membership work.

Faculty sponsor: Jiyong Lee

Facebook link to SIUC Southern Glass Works

Southern Illinois Metalsmiths Society (SIMS)

A non-profit organization designed to increase metal working knowledge through nationally recognized artists. Membership is open to all interested in metal as an artistic medium; to promote metalsmith arts and provide opportunity for learning and artistic expression.


Faculty sponsor: Rick Smith