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Steneby Institution of Craft and Design

swedenSteneby is located in Dals Långed, approximately one hundred and fifty kilometers north of Gothenburg in a rural and scenic area known as Dalsland, and is host to many outstanding workshops and studios including Europe’s largest academic metal/blacksmithing workspace. Steneby provides immense opportunities for individually based investigations to form diverse approaches to the areas of material based art, craft and design. The education offers time for experimental and process based research. Fields of study include: Woodorientated Furniture Design; Iron and Steel/public space; and Textile-Garment-Design.

swedenSteneby has several student rooms (shared bathroom and kitchen) available on a first come, first served basis. The school will assist with securing local housing. Transportation is arranged by participant. The Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarship is available for students who plan to study at this university. Contact Study Abroad Programs for more details and for application materials. Return application with all supporting materials to SIUC Study Abroad Programs. Application deadline for Spring is October 15; Fall deadline is April 15.

For more information also visit http://www.konst.gu.se/english and http://www.vastsverige.com/en/Dalsland/ and the SIUC Study Abroad Programs.