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Core Curriculum

The University’s Core Curriculum introduces undergraduate students to the traditional riches of western civilization as well as to the contemporary perspectives of interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The School of Art and Design offers several Core courses that allow students to meet their Core requirements within Section II - Disciplinary Studies and Section III - Integrative Studies.

Disciplinary Studies courses introduce students to the traditional world of academic knowledge, exposing them to the heritages and perspectives that are unique to each area.

Integrative Studies courses offer students an opportunity to gain a larger picture of human culture by making connections between different domains of experience and knowledge. Courses in the areas of Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Studies are concerned with developing civic competency in the face of the interdependence of nations and global problems, and encouraging an appreciation of the diversity and commonality of human values and interests.

The School of Art and Design’s Core Curriculum course offerings are:

Section II of the Core Curriculum
Disciplinary Studies
Fine Arts
AD 101 Introduction to Visual Culture
AD 207a Introduction to Art History I
AD 207b Introduction to Art History II
AD 207c Introduction to Art History III
Section III of the Core Curriculum
Integrative Studies
AD 227 History of African American Art
AD 267 Picturing Difference: Native, African, and European Americans in American Art
AD 307i Women in the Visual Arts
AD 317i Contemporary Native American Art & Artists

For more specific Core requirements, please see University Core Curriculum at SIUC.