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2008 Rickert-Ziebold Winners

2008 Rickert-Ziebold Award Goes to Two SIUC Students

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, School of Art and Design’s RZ Committee would like to congratulate this year’s 2008 Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award competition winners, Mike McLain of De Soto, IL. and Julia Rogers of Corvallis, OR. Mr. McLain and Mrs. Rogers were chosen from a pool of fourteen highly talented senior candidates (see list of finalists below) from the School of Art and Design. This year’s competition was extremely competitive in light of lasts year’s solo winner. Mr. McLain and Mrs. Rogers will share the $20,000 trust award.

Mike McLain Julia Rogers

The reception for the Rickert-Ziebold winners will be held Friday, April 25, in the Surplus Gallery located in the Studio Arts Building also known as the Glove Factory. The reception hours are from 5:30pm. to 8:00pm. with the awards ceremony at 6:30pm. The Rickert-Ziebold reception is free and open to the public.

The Surplus Gallery is located at the Glove Factory, 432 South Washington Street, Carbondale, IL.

Congratulations to the 2008 Finalists!

Jeremiah Young
Kate West
Alexandra Wesseln
Bill Sieber
Julia Rogers
Mary Millard
Mike McLain
Youjin Lee
Jason Kehrer
Jared Johnson
Kelcie Green
Devin Gearing
Liz Gallagher
Evan Bowers