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2006 Rickert-Ziebold Winners

2006 Rickert-Ziebold awards go to 4 SIUC students

Every year seniors in the School of Art and Design are eligible for the Rickert Ziebold award. The Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award is an annual prize totaling $20,000. This year the prize was split between four meritorious students.

RZ Winners

The winners for the 2006 year were:

Jeremy H. Griffith, Glass

Jeremy H. Griffity, Glass

Efrosini (Annie) Karayanis, Industrial Design

Efrosini (Annie) Karayanis, Indistrial Design

Paula McAteer, Painting

Paula McAteer, Painting

Katherine A. Setchell, Sculpture

Katherine A. Setchell, Sculpture