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2004 Rickert-Ziebold Winners

Every year seniors in the School of Art and Design are eligible for the Rickert Ziebold award. The Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award is an annual prize totaling $20,000.

RIckert-Ziebold 2004 Winners

Pictured above left, left to right, are the winners for 2004:
James C. Tierney - Painting, pen with watercolors
Amy Winkel - Metalsmith
Christopher B. Davis - Sculpture, wood with cast metal and rope
Steven D. Foutch Jr. - Printmaking, large-scale woodcuts printed over screen prints.

The Finalists for 2004 were:

Charles Enzwiler, Jacob Harrison, Ernest Menocal, Josh Dorta, Elizabeth Duncan, Scott Gamble, Nathan Sandberg, Andrew Peters, Kate Altermatt, Ross J. Kostelnik, Emily Hillerich, Margaret Goodman, Bob Gorman, Jason Warren, Rosalia Murillo, and Jonathan Sangster.

The estate of the late Marguerite L. Rickert-Ziebold endows the awards in honor of the Joseph Rickert family. Joseph Rickert was a prominent lawyer and state senator from Waterloo.