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Student Groups

AIGA, the Professional Association for Design

To unite people with a common interest in communication design; to provide an interchange of ideas and stimulate the public's interest.

Faculty Sponsor: Rob Lopez

Art Education Majors

The following art education professional organizations reinforce and foster the professional mission of the Program in Art Education:

  • Illinois Art Education Association (IAEA)
  • National Art Education Association (NAEA)
  • International Society for Education through Art (INSEA)

Faculty Contacts: Jody Paulson

Art History Association

Aims to provide a forum for discussion of art and art history among interested students, to help students explore career opportunities, and to increase interaction between professors and students.

Application: New York City Spring Break Trip

Faculty Sponsor: Laurel Fredrickson

C.4 (Critical Forum, the Sculptor’s group)

C.4 is a student organization that exists to promote cooperation, collaboration and critical exchange through the visual arts for the undergraduate and graduate students committed to sculpture. Primary function as a group is to facilitate student critiques, foster exhibition opportunities, participate in national conferences and raise funds so that students may have a variety of unique opportunities.

Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Monteith

Graduate Association of Painters and Printmakers (GAPP)

Exists to facilitate creative discussions, exhibition opportunities & raise funds for national conference, visiting artist lectures as well as providing interaction between painting & printmaking graduates and the university community.

Faculty sponsor: Mark Pease

Industrial Designers Society of America

Provide students exposure to professionals in industrial design. To hold seminars to help students increase their abilities as industrial designers. Take a trip each year to the Midwest District Conference to interact with other students, teachers, & professionals.

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Scott

League of Art and Design (LoAD)

Dedicated to emerging artists within the School of Art & Design at SIUC; to provide support, exposure, and professional experience to active members before entering the art world outside of academia.

Faculty Sponsor: Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Mind’s Eye

Communication Design student group. Contact Kay Zivkovich for additional information.

Push & Pull Press

Printmaking student organization. Open to all majors - grads and undergrads.

Faculty Sponsor: Travis Janssen

Southern Clayworks

To increase awareness of the ceramic arts at SIUC and in the region through workshops, visiting artist lectures, public outreach, and exhibitions.

Faculty sponsors: Pattie Chalmers

Southern Glassworks

To further the cultural and educational experiences of those people associated with SIU with an active interest in glass; discussions of techniques and aesthetics in hot and cold glassworking; collect information, books, periodicals, slides, etc. for study; visit glass studios and gallery exhibits; sponsor guest lecturers; host shows and sales of membership work.

Faculty sponsor: Jiyong Lee

Facebook link to SIUC Southern Glass Works

Southern Illinois Metalsmiths Society (SIMS)

A non-profit organization designed to increase metal working knowledge through nationally recognized artists. Membership is open to all interested in metal as an artistic medium; to promote metalsmith arts and provide opportunity for learning and artistic expression.

Faculty sponsor: Rick Smith