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Through the generosity of many donors, The School of Art and Design is able to provide numerous scholarships to talented and deserving students, and to enhance our program's facilities and activities. We greatly appreciate every contribution we receive.

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$ : Southern Clay Works Activities Fund enhancing ceramics program at SIUC and providing funds for club activities.

$ : Southern Glass Works Activities Fund enhancing glass program at SIUC and providing funds for club activities.

$ : To provide awards for excellence in Art History. To provide an award for an outstanding student in Art History who has completed at least 86 credit hours. The winner will be selected on the basis of written work, and ordinarily an overall grade point average of 3.0, with an average of 3.5 for Art History course work.

$ : This endowment has been established through the generosity of a local community leader to strengthen an already highly recognized program within the School of Art and Design, Art History, to utilize the funds in the manner the faculty feel will best support and advance the Program.

$ : To provide scholarships to female students with a 3.0 GPA who have completed their junior year of studies in Fine Arts.

$ : To benefit the School of Art and Design.

$ : The development for building enhancement expenditures such as the renovation and/or the building of new facilities, equipment, and expenses related to fundraising for this cause.

$ : To enhance and support the Visiting Artists Program.

$ : Revenue shall be reinvested until such time as the endowment reaches $20,000. Preference given to a student who is a junior or senior in Design and who demonstrates financial need.

$ : To provide scholarships to students who demonstrate high academic and professional achievement; are graduate students holding at least a ¼ time assistantship; are a graduate student in the Metals Program.

$ : To provide a scholarship fund to be awarded to a student enrolled in the School of Art at SIUC. Recipients will be selected on artistic achievement. Award will be made annually on Honors Day.

$ : To provide scholarships for students in the School of Fine Arts at SIUC. To outstanding art students from the thirty-four counties of Southern Illinois. All candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the visual excellence, creativity and presentation of their work, and presentation of their work.

$ : The Celine A. Chu Memorial Scholarship will be open to all applicants with the following qualifications, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or veteran status: 1. Preference will be given to a student who is at least a Junior and is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at SIUC, and whose primary interests are in the area of painting. 2. Student should be in good academic standing with the University and demonstrate financial need. The recipient should also demonstrate a high potential for professional success in this field. Contributions to SIUC and the community shall be taken into account.

$ : The purpose of the Chair is support and elevate one of the strongest programs within the School of Art and Design, blacksmithing. This endowment has been established to ensure the continued longevity of the blacksmithing program at SIUC; to promote and support teaching, research, and creative work in this specialized craft; to bring attention to the special creative and research strengths of the School of Art and Design; to attract additional outside funding sources for the blacksmithing program; and to increase aware-ness and appreciation of blacksmithing within the University, the region, and throughout the country.

$ : The scholarships are awarded based on juried talent and need, not academic grades. All annual spending from the endowed scholarship as approved by the Grantee's Board will be used solely for student scholar-ships. The students who are eligible for scholarships from this fund will be classified as follows: any eligible part-time or full-time art major.

$ : All annual spending from the endowed research fund as approved by the Grantee's Board will be used solely for research projects in the arts program.