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Mark Pease

Associate Professor, Digital Media and Head of Graduate Studies

Phone: 618/453-3260
Office: Glove Factory 110

Mark PeaseMark Pease creates work in a variety of media to explore visual ideas inspired by consumer nostalgia, simulacra, suburban landscapes, and modernist architecture. He works with printmaking, animation, 3D visualizations, painting, and photography to recreate moments of daydream, interactions with the artificial, and the recognition of our own visual sensitivities. 

pease galleriaHe has an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BFA from Indiana University. He also studied as an exchange scholar at the Royal Academy of Art London. Previously, Mark has taught at the School of Design; University of Pennsylvania, the College of Visual Art and Design; University of North Texas, and at the University of Northwestern in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

artificial landscapeAt SIU, Mark teaches courses in computer graphics, digital animation, video art, and 3D modeling. He has shown in national and international exhibitions including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Elmhurst Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, the International Print Center New York, and the Soap Factory.