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College of Liberal Arts

Michael Onken, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Painting/Drawing

M.A., Northern Illinois University, 1966

onkenMichael Onken retired in 2002 following 34 years teaching in the School of Art and Design, where for 29 years he was also the Head of Graduate Studies. The summer workshop program in Scotland with which he was associated since the early 90's happily continues under new leadership and his interest in it continues as well. An exhibition of recent paintings with a retrospective view of work over past decades was held at the University Museum in January 2006.

In April 2006 he served on a residency through the Heinrich Boll Foundation at the late writers retreat on Achill Island, Ireland. Following that he began a collaboration with Nicolas Mcdowall of The Old Stile Press in Wales to bring woodcut images to an unpublished manuscript from the estate of the Orkney poet laureate George Mckay Brown. The work is now in the process of being put together.