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College of Liberal Arts

Larry Busch, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Design

M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1970

Busch is now an active Creativity Education Trainer/Consultant. His proven, highly engaging, hands-on projects are the result of 30 years teaching/research experience in the design program and core curriculum at SIUC 

His novel hands-on activities are crafted to foster effective problem solving skills, valuable when one is faced with unusual or ill-structured challenges. Many of these unique training techniques are currently being used by hundreds of public schools, dozens of universities/businesses and several upper level military training programs.

Busch has facilitated more than 75,000 workshop participants.  

During his tenure at SIUC, Busch taught Innovations/Creativity and Industrial Design at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He was honored by colleagues and students by being voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year.  Institutions in The Netherlands, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Egypt and Bulgaria are richer as a result of his guest lecturing on the subjects of creative problem solving, design and business. Busch is one of the principal contributors to the Great Cardboard Boat started in the 70's as a design class project. SIUC's Cardboard Regatta challenge is now replicated world-wide more than 2,000 times a year.  Recently he returned to SIUC in order to do practical research in the field of Problem Based Learning (pioneered by Dr. Howard Barrows of the SIU School of Medicine). PBL is currently the predominant teaching approach used in medical schools, proven more efficient and engaging than the traditional model of lecture/test.

Larry Busch is a recent past-president of the American Creativity Association, an international group of trainers/educators devoted to the dissemination of innovative problem solving techniques. Currently Busch serves on the boards of directors for the Southern Illinois Community Foundation ( and the historic R. Buckminster Fuller dome home. “Bucky” Fuller was the inventor of the geodesic dome and a well known futurist, based for years in SIUC's Design Department.

Busch earned his Master of Science degree in Design at SIUC.