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Roy Abrahamson Ed.D., Emeritus

Associate Professor, Art Education

Ed.D., Columbia University, 1965

Professional Background "I received my BS degree in Art Education from the University of Minnesota, in 1949, and then studied art education with Professor Henry Schaefer-Simmern at the latter’s Institute of Art Education, in Berkeley, California, for one ...read full profile >>

Aldon Addington, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Sculpture/3D

M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1966

Aldon Addington came to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1967 and taught sculpture and 3D design until his retire-ment in 2001. While at the University he also gave many metal sculpture workshops, including ones at the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, and the ...read full profile >>

Richard Archer, Emeritus

Assistant Professor

M.S., Governors State University, 1979

Steve Belletire

Professor, Industrial Design

Email:  sbell@siu.edu

Starting in the fall of 1997 Steve became an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  The previous 26 years he was a design consultant working with global clients such as 3M, Black & Decker and Gateway.  As part of ...read full profile >>

Larry Bernstein, Emeritus

Associate Professor

M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1953
website: www.bernsteinart.net

Barbara Bickel Ph.D., Emeritus

Associate Professor, Art Education

Ph.D., University of British Columbia (Vancouver), 2008

Dr. Barbara Bickel—artist, researcher, and educator—has co-founded "Studio M*: A research creation lab intersecting arts, culture and healing" in Calgary, Alberta. According to its website, the new studio space "recognizes the arts and culture as ...read full profile >>

Bill Boysen, Emeritus


MFA, University of Wisconsin, 1966

Larry Briggs, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Communication Design

B.F.A., University of Oklahoma, 1956

Larry Briggs graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Advertising Design. He moved to Dallas, Texas, to work in design studios and advertising agencies before being drafted into the Army where he served for two years.  He has worked in the corporate world of ...read full profile >>

Larry Busch, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Design

M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1970

Busch is now an active Creativity Education Trainer/Consultant. His proven, highly engaging, hands-on projects are the result of 30 years teaching/research experience in the design program and core curriculum at SIUC  His novel hands-on activities are crafted to foster ...read full profile >>

Harris Deller, Emeritus

Professor, Ceramics

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1973
Phone: 618/453-3779
Email:  harrisdeller@gmail.com
Office location:  Pulliam Ind. Wing 102H

Harris Deller received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1973. He has been awarded gold medals in the Ceramic Competition in Mino, Japan, and in the Internazionale Della Ceramica D’Arte, Faenza, Italy. International exhibitions include Seoul, Helsinki, Paris, Germany, ...read full profile >>

Joel Feldman, Emeritus


M.F.A., Indiana University, 1967
website: www.joelfeldman.us

Sally Gradle

Associate Professor, Art Education

Email:  gradle@siu.edu

Sally Gradle received her doctorate in Art Education from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Her MA, also in Art Education, was completed at the University of New Mexico in 1979. She has taught art in the public schools for many years. Her teaching, art work and writing ...read full profile >>

Sylvia Greenfield, Emerita

Professor, Painting/Drawing

M.F.A., University of Colorado, 1967

Cheonae Kim, Emerita

Visiting Instructor, Drawing/Painting/Printmaking

MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1986
Phone: 618/453-4315
Email:  cheonae@siu.edu
Office location:  Allyn 113

Cheonae Kim taught in the Drawing/Painting/Printmaking areas. She received her MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1986. Professor Kim continues to be an active exhibitor. Her work ranges from small jewel-like paintings to major architectural installations. She is widely ...read full profile >>

Joan Lintault, Emerita

Professor, Fibers

M.F.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1962
Website: www.mjlintault.com

George Mavigliano, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Art History

M.A., Northern Illinois University, 1967
Email: reneeandgeorge@msn.com

Since retiring from the School of Art and Design in January of 1997, George has continued to live in the area with his wife Renee who, until January 1, 2008, taught art at John A. Logan College.  She too has retired. Along with his research interests, George continues to ...read full profile >>

Richard Mawdsley, Emeritus

Professor, Metalsmithing/Jewelry

MFA, University of Kansas, 1969
Website: http://conpiv.wix.com/mawdsley1

Richard Mawdsley retired from the Southern Illinois University School of Art and Design’s metals program in 2004.   He joined SIUC’s faculty in 1978.  Including a previous faculty position at Illinois State University he taught at the ...read full profile >>

Michael Onken, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Painting/Drawing

M.A., Northern Illinois University, 1966

Michael Onken retired in 2002 following 34 years teaching in the School of Art and Design, where for 29 years he was also the Head of Graduate Studies. The summer workshop program in Scotland with which he was associated since the early 90's happily continues under new leadership ...read full profile >>

Robert Paulson, Emeritus

Professor, Painting

M.F.A., University of Wisconsin, 1967

Ed Shay, Emeritus

Professor, Painting/Drawing/Printmaking

MFA, University of Illinois, 1971
Email:  shay@siu.edu

Ed Shay is an Emeritus Professor in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. He received his MFA from the University of Illinois in 1971. He has received three NEA Artists Fellowships - one in Printmaking, one in Painting, and one in works on paper, and three Illinois Arts Council Artists ...read full profile >>

James Sullivan, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Art History

M.A. University of California at Los Angeles, 1965

Born in Providence, RI, Jim attended Hope High School, served for two years in the army in Fontainbleau, France, and then went on to Providence College and UCLA. Now Emeritus, he was Head of Academic Programs in the School of Art and Design from 1969 to 1998 and helped create the ...read full profile >>

Milton Sullivan, Emeritus

Professor, Sculpture

M.A. Columbia University, 1951

Tom Walsh, Emeritus

Professor, Sculpture

MFA, University of Michigan, 1962
Email:  tlsculpt@sbcglobal.net

Tom Walsh taught Sculpture at SIUC from 1966 through 1999. To date he has had 61 solo exhibitions (since 1962) and is included in 65 public and corporate collections. He received many major awards including a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant, Prix de Rome for Sculpture, NEA Project ...read full profile >>

Michael Youngblood, Emeritus

Associate Professor, Art Education

Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1975

Kay Zivkovich

Professor, Communication Design

Phone:  618/453-7506
Email:  kmpzivko@siu.edu
Office location:  Pulliam 56

Kay Pick Zivkovich, teaches in the Communication Design program.  Kay earned her B.A. in Art Education, an MFA in Drawing, Printmaking and Painting, and an MS in Education, concentrating on Higher Education and Art Administration from Southern Illinois University ...read full profile >>