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Laurel Fredrickson

Assistant Professor, Art History

Phone: 618/453-7817
Office location: Allyn Building 7C

Laurel FredricksonLaurel Fredrickson (Ph.D., Duke, 2007) is a historian of contemporary and modern art with a global emphasis. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on cross-cultural and transnational intersections of experimental art and political dissent from the 1960s to the present. She is currently revising her book Désire/Délire/Désordre: Jean-Jacques Lebel's Erotic Revolution to send to a press. This is the first book-length study of the anticolonial and anti-institutional art and politics of an icon of revolution in the 1960s who as an artist, played a translational role: circulating theories and strategies across generational and disciplinary boundaries to connect cultural and political avant-gardes internationally. At present she is completing the first book-length study of the anticolonial art and politics of Jean-Jacques Lebel (1936, France), an artist who interconnected political and artistic avant-gardes internationally and bridged the historical and postwar avant-gardes. 

She has also begun preliminary research for another book, Deterritorialized Identity: Transnational Women Artists and French Colonialism. This project explores the art of women who interrogate the postmodern condition of deterritorialized identity through video, installation, and performance, including those in my case studies Zenib Sedira (b. 1963, France), Miriam Mihindou (b. 1964, Gabon), and Latifa Echakhch (b. 1974, Morocco). The work of each artist visualizes intersections of present-day and historical political realities and traumatic memory in the mediated materiality of embodiment and dissent, and each uniquely expresses a body-politics shaped by displacement, refugee status, and the frontier as site of obstruction and passage.