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Kathleen Frye

Program Coordinator and Lecturer, Art Education

Phone:  618/453-7765
Email:  kfrye@siu.edu
Office location:  Allyn Building 6B

Kathleen FryeKathleen Frye is an artist and educator who has worked with students of all ages in a variety of settings. She earned her BFA from the University of Colorado and an MFA in Printmaking from Colorado State University. Upon completing her MFA, she taught drawing and painting at Colorado State University, the University of Denver, and Metropolitan State College and exhibited her work extensively in the Denver Metro Area while continuing her teaching and organizational work with community-based arts programs.

After moving to New York City, Kathleen completed her MA in K-12 Art Education (with state certification) at the City College of New York. Her teaching in the city was primarily at Dwight School, a K-12 international school, where she taught elementary and high school art. At Dwight she created the Museum Learning Program which connected students’ classroom learning with hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experiences at various arts and cultural institutions in New York City. Kathleen then spent a year in Bali as the founding principal of the Green School, an international school based on principles of environmental sustainability. In addition to her administrative duties, she taught elementary art and explored the rich arts and cultural traditions of Bali.

Kathleen FryeKathleen’s teaching and advocacy for arts education have continued in Southern Illinois. Before taking on her position at SIU, Kathleen founded an after-school art program for children in the community and an annual kids’ summer arts program at SIU Carbondale. As a lecturer in Art Education, Kathleen received two grants in 2015-16 to develop community-based art programs and a third in support of an annual art education conference. She currently serves on the board of the Illinois Art Education Association as secretary for the Southern Council.

Kathleen’s studio work is a means of responding to the visual culture and environments in which she lives and is an expression of her engagement with art materials and a variety of art-making processes. Her areas of focus in Art Education include interdisciplinary connections between the visual arts and other disciplines, non-Western art as a focus in arts learning, experiential arts learning in museum settings, and developing community-based art programs for people of all ages.

Kathleen Frye