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Industrial Design

id classIf you are looking for a profession that is a unique blend of art and science, our Industrial Design specialization within the Design area provides this opportunity. This BFA track enables students to learn what it takes to design and develop innovative products that improve the lives of people in a changing, global society. The faculty’s extensive professional expertise helps students gain an understanding of professional realities and opportunities.

The curriculum prepares students for a wide variety of career options ranging from specializations like trade show design to product design with corporate teams or staff positions in consulting firms. Students also learn how to set up their own freelance or consulting design business. Our design program also makes it possible for students to become dual majors, adding the Communication Design specialization. This powerful combination affords our graduates enhanced career options and offers employers greater value. This dual major approach taps into the widening trend of design being a strategic force for global companies of all types and sizes.

design studioID Students also have access to the newly formed real-world, client-based, Design Research Studio. This space is utilized as a teaching space, a design research space, and a client meeting space. This studio is equipped with large format scanning and printing capabilities, four 21” Cintiq Interactive Pen Displays, web-conference capabilities and an interactive Smart Board.  Our annual Design Days event helps students (ID and Comm) learn directly from the experiences of our graduates and other designers, and provides a direct link to the professional design community.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design Specialization
The undergraduate major in Industrial Design can be accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

Total Degree Requirements: 120 credits
University Core Curriculum: 32 credits
(3 covered by AD 100A or B, 6 by AD 207A, B, or C Introduction to Art History),
Art and Design Requirements: 88 credits