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glassGlass is considered to be both an artist’s material as well as a craft discipline with a complex history and tremendous expressive potential.  The Glass specialization at SIUC is a creative environment where students receive broad instruction from faculty.  We encourage a progressive spirit of aesthetic exploration along the entire field from craft to sculpture and believe this requires an equal commitment to both idea and technique.  Students are also introduced to other artistic perspectives and opinions through a wide range of visiting artists, field trips, and seminars. A series of outstanding visiting artists enhances students’ experiences and introduces them to a variety of possible professional career paths. The glass facility includes Individual studio space for both graduate and undergraduate glass students, hot shop, and cold working and kiln working studios. 

Learn more about our undergraduate program through this downloable brochure (PDF).




Hot glass studio
Two 350 lb pot furnaces, two glory holes, computerized furnace temperature/safety control system, two benches, 4 front loading annealing kilns with GB4 controller, color bar box kiln, multi use pick up kiln, garage, pipe warmer, sand casting equipment, oxygen/propane torch with gas saver, a variety of blowing pipes, punties, and optic molds.
Kiln working studio
A variety of top and front loading kilns for casting, fusing, and slumping, mold making area, lost wax steaming station.
Cold working studio
Kurt Merker cutting lathe and sintered diamond cutting wheels, Kurt Merker engraving lathe and sintered diamond engraving wheels, two 106” vertical belt sanders, 24” flat diamond pad grinder, 12” diamond wet saw, 30” 120 grit grinder, 24” 220 grit grinder, 24” 320 grit grinder, Denver vertical diamond wheel lathe, 24” vertical cerium polishing lathe, double arbor pumice polishing (polyurethane and cork) lathe, flexible shaft engraver, hand grinding station, drill press machine with diamond core drill bits, sandblaster.
Other glass studio facility
Two G5 Mac computers with Adobe CS 3 in glass classroom, photo taking set-up, mobile glassblowing studio.

Graduate Gallery:

The work pictured here is only a small sampling of the outstanding work of our graduate students in Glass.



Master of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Glass
A minimum of 60 semester credit hours is required for the Master of Fine Arts degree with a major in art.

Primary studio emphasis:  26 credit hours
Graduate Art History:  12 credit hours
Studio Electives (may be within specialization): 9 credit hours
Thesis or terminal project work:  6 credit hours
Other Electives:  The remaining 7 credit hours may be elected from any area within the School of Art & Design or from the University at large.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Glass Specializationglass4
The undergraduate major in Glass can be accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

Total Degree Requirements: 120 credits
University Core Curriculum: 32 credits
(3 covered by AD 100A or B, 6 by AD 207A, B, or C Introduction to Art History),
Art and Design Requirements: 88 credits