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Communication Design

design studiosCommunication Design is the specialization within the Design area at SIU that uses the creative process to communicate ideas through art, image, language, and technology, regardless of media. It includes broad theoretical guidance along with precise instruction in typography, design concepts, information design, digital graphic technology, and industry standards required by the graphic design field.

Communication design students learn to combine and develop concepts and employ visualization techniques that instruct, interpret, and/or persuade. This curriculum focuses on message content and theory in print, web, and interactive/multimedia design. The skills and principles we provide will enable graduates to work in many different fields. Through-out the experience at SIU, design students learn the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. This approach exposes students to a wide range of 2d and 3d problem solving experiences. Students are also encouraged to double major in the Industrial Design specialization to gain a broad, holistic approach to design and problem solving.

comm design classCommunication Design Students also have access to the newly formed real-world, client-based, Design Research Studio. This space is utilized as a teaching space, a design research space, and a client meeting space. This studio is equipped with large format scanning and printing capabilities, Wacom Cintiq interactive pen displays, web-conference capabilities, and an interactive SmartBoard.

Job titles in the fields of design include Multimedia Designer, Web Designer, Web Communication Designer, Graphic Communication Designer, Digital Imaging Specialist, Multimedia Graphic Designer, Interactive Graphic Designer, Internet Communication Designer, Motion Graphics Specialist, Art Director, and Creative Director.

All students must have the required computer hardware and software if enrolled in the communication design specialization or if planning to take 300- or 400-level courses in the program upon completion of and pending the outcome of the undergraduate portfolio assessment/review.

Undergraduate Portfolio Review/Assessment is required after completing AD 122, 219, 222, and 249 to be officially in the Communication Design specialization. Senior Portfolio Review/Assessment/Digital CD is required by all senior students on the 1st Friday in November for those graduating in December and 1st Friday in April for those students graduating spring and/or summer semester.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communication Specialization
The undergraduate major in Communication Design can be accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

Total Degree Requirements: 120 credits
University Core Curriculum: 32 credits
(3 covered by AD 100A or B, 6 by AD 207A, B, or C Introduction to Art History),
Art and Design Requirements: 88 credits